Thursday, September 24, 2015

Those who took swimming lessons, for dinner

I think,
one of the bless for a wife is to have a husband who will eat anything she cooks for him.
Imagine if you have to take another complaints after hours of cooking and clean up all the dirty utensils after you cook. What even more hurting is when he doesn't touch the food at all.
Aw, it is so rude!

Since Ariawan changed his eating habit to food combining, I must say that I am a little bit out of hands. Morning is easy. Lunch is a bit tricky. But dinner, is the hardest part because I need to vary my recipes of cooking animals. The two legged animals are boring, the four legged animals are hard to bite (because I don't have pressure cooker) and those with fins are smelly.

I managed to bake the fins tonight, anyway. Tasted so so, hubby and kids did not look excited but they ate it anyway. Need to try harder next time.

Garlic, pepper, lemon, honey

The cuttlefish are good, however.

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