Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The life itself is a magnet, son.

You may not remember this day. May I may too, that is why I choose to write it down for you.
Today, we had a chat on a very early breakfast. 6 am to be exact. So early because you are going for a field trip for your multicultural event.

I told you a story about our neighbour, and elderly grumpy grandpa. I saw him busy trying to hurt a cat with a bamboo. The bamboo got stuck on the bush, instead, he got distracted and tried to get his bamboo back. The cat ran away. As fast as he can.

You laughed hard and you said this.
"You ever told me that when you start your day with whirlwind, you will be upset for the rest of the day. Is it what is going to happen with that grandpa next door?"

"Maybe. I don't know. But yes, I believe that the life itself is magnet. This may not be scientific but I believe it is how our mind works. Your brain grows according to your mind. The nerves get connected one to another. When you think of good things, the good neurons will grow and connected with other good things neurons and they will effect your body then will effect your life."

He looked confused.

"Here is more example about the life itself is a magnet. When you do good to people, people will do good to you right?"

You nodded.

"When you are bad to people, they would do bad things to you too. Or, they do not want to play with you. Or they want to hit you back if you hit them."

"Oh yes, it happens." You responded.

"When you think you cannot do the math, you will not be able to do it."

"Oh, that is what happen to me all day hahahaha" you laughed bitterly.

"Try this. You ride your bike and think you will fall today. I think you will fall from your bike right away."

"Because I keep busy focussing on I might fall."

"Yes, that is right. I think you get the point. So from now on, just think of happy thoughts aja. That you can do things, that you are going places."

"Iya sih."

And he went off to school.

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