Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's take a step back

Life should not be that hard. Whether if you are a little kid and doesn’t know what to do or whether you are old and sick, life could have been simpler after all.

Why do people get married in the first place? Why do people have kids in the end? Why do people work for a living, but they don’t have a life? Why do people busy with themselves and forgetting that they are part of their family, a root of who they are and where they are from.

Every family has its own story. Like a unique code that’s entitled on our last name. Unfortunately we only remember the story as opening and ending, leaving the rest as stories of our own.

Why when we reach productive era, we act like there are so many important things to do? As if we are the president who run the country, as if someone is going to die if we skip a day from our office. Why do we always lack of time for our parents as if they will always be young and healthy as ever?

Our love to our family might last forever, but not their physical. 

Far we have gone, today. Let's take a step back for a while, to embrace where we belong. To be home.

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