Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Me. Now.

Lately, I have been hearing some friends of mine (and to be honest, including me) are busy asking their friends and (of course) asking themselves, whether they are going to stay in advertising industry for (at least) another five years. While some others have started to grow their own business, we are still trying to figure out what we would do in our old days. Still we haven’t figured out yet, let alone of making the first step.

If I were asked why I jumped in to advertising, all I can say is … it’s a coincidence. I always want to major psychology, but one day on a lovely day, I read a poster about this newly opened major in University of Indonesia: Advertising, and I found some interesting subjects in it. So, I stripped down my choices in majoring psychology in Atma Jaya and let go my privilege in joining Mandarin literary in University of Indonesia and jumped myself in to the advertising subjects.

The question itself, leads to another question: why is it copywriter? Well, first was and still it is, because I cannot draw. Secondly, I was curious why on earth they named it Coca-Cola. Pretty absurd, but that was why I decided to become a copywriter. But the last, which is the most important of all, is because I simply love writing and 'bebikinan' as a concept. So, it is nice to work something you love about rite, though in the process still I need to compromise. Unless I am writing my own book and have it published my own, I will have still to compromise.

Filling in my career for about ten years, I had never thought I have jumped in to the wrong industry. I like doing my work, I am well paid, I managed myself to produce some works that were able to win some local awards that made me hijacked to some blue chip advertising affiliations in Indonesia, I pictured my final career will be a Creative Director or a Strategic Planner in my mid thirties.

But you know what, ... that was me not so long ago. Now, things are different.

I actually feel funny to realize some part of me has been shifting into another direction. I realized that I don’t want to be a Creative Director and I just want to keep creating. Is it to create advertising awards and inspiring campaign for a brand,  or create my own business or write my own book,  that’s another story. But I don’t want to be deeply involved in giant organization, play the management game and have the responsibility to nurture young creatives and bring the brand to another level.  

I had never pictured myself to leave the comfort zone of getting fixed income every month, health insurance and bonuses (If I am lucky), but now ... I do.

I had never pictured myself I would be happier if I stay at home and do the chores. I had never imagined I would be happy to feel the wind blow the curtain and I would just lying down on the clean, squeaky floor and happily looking at the ceiling and thinking what menu for dinner. But now, I do. 

I don't know whether I will leave capitalist company and start my own business soon, or I will stay and climb this organizational ladder. This is the first time in my life when keep changing is not bad at all, because it is not about being inconsistent. This, is about setting up short term objectives and no plan B. Everything is a main plan. Keep changing means adjusting for better days and being realistic when things are not fit in well. One thing for sure is, that I am still trying to remind myself as well.  That by being realistic my life would be much simpler. The dream part? Let it be my son's.

Hmmm, that is pretty much how me is. For now.