Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contact Report

For those who work in advertising and its related field, I bet you know what a Contact Report is. For those who listen this phrase for the first time, I will tell you what it is; as simple as I could.

Basically, contact report is a meeting report that is made by account service department after the meeting and will be sent to all the meeting participants, usually through e-mails. Contact Report is made so everyone in the team aware of what has been presented in the meeting, what are the comments and what are the next steps for the next meeting. Everyone can shout any disagreements in the contact report before 24 hours after it released. That is the theory, which much different in reality.

So you see how important a contact report is. But to tell you the truth, many of us related in the Contact Report thingy, take the Contact Report itself for granted. It is often abandoned. Neglected. Many times, everyone feels enough with their own notes on the meeting and just delete the contact report without reading it first. But for account service, a Contact Report is a must for them to do no matter what. So, … yeah, imagine yourself doing something you know it is a must but you also know people will ignore anyway.

I think, account department never get a nice reply of their Contact Report. “Thanks for the summary” or “Thanks for keeping us in the loop” or “Everything sounds cool and I can’t wait for the next meeting” and on. But for sure, they will get a harsh reply when something when wrong.

Are people only react when something is wrong? 

I want to take a Contact Report to another level. In a perspective of a mutual relationship. When someone is trying to keep maintaining the relationship, with every little thing they could do, but the other one is taking it for granted.

Well, … it is pretty common, isn’t it? To ignore something that has become a routine for you and only stand up when there is something wrong. Hence when the routine stops, it actually affects the relationship that has been built.

A kiss every morning as you wake up that becomes routine, can you imagine waking up one day without it? 
A stupid MMS picture of someone's lunch menu everyday; you just see and give no response.  but do you know it is how someone is trying to communicate with you? 
When someone sends you song everyday that might squeeze your e-mail inbox might be irritating, you might have heard the song anyway. But do you know someone might be cheering you up or telling his / her feelings for you through the song? Let alone of doing the same thing, but have you ever say thanks or spare your little time to reply?

Are people only react when something is gone? Why do we tend to keep looking what we don’ t have instead of trying hard to keep things we have. Just like a Contact Report being flushed in the trash bin of your computer. Just like a mutual relationship just forgotten.  

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