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About Us

to titan and la luna.

i want to tell you a little story about the love bubu and I have. neither the sweetest nor the coolest love tale you will ever known, but i hope it can give you two a little up when you are feeling down.

if ever someone asked me, your mom, how much i love your bubu; i would say ... i do. though i found it hard to express my love for him, but i do. though i found it hard to remember when i have thought of him, but i still do. and i know he loves me too.

our love does not come in a form of fancy dinner or having a wefie in instagram. our love does not go through a journey in the background of a beautiful landscape. our love does not told in a long scripted messages through whatsapp or a bombastic 'nocturnal' activity. neither a fancy birthday gifts, surprise parties, big feasts, "have a nice day or lunch or dinner or meeting" texts.

our love just come in a more humble and reachable way. like late-at-night-wake-ups to bring a glass of water when I …