Monday, July 29, 2013


Today is my fourteenth day after I gave delivery, yet in medical glossary they call it P14.
Unlike my first delivery six years ago, I adapt much better this time (well, d'oh... of course I should be better). Although formula milk is still the biggest temptation because breastfeeding is damn challenging  (also apply for a veteran mom like me), I thank God I can still breastfeed and keep my expressed milk frozen for future needs when I am back to work.

Nothing is the secret but a discipline schedule, because having a newborn is not less or more demanding as having a first grader. Yet they have to know my expectation and I need to know theirs, so I set a time schedule for all of us (well, specially for me and kids; to be exact) because hubster seems to stick with his daily habits only with less sleep because he helps me to change diapers at night.

Here is the schedule in which so far is working for all of us.

06.30 - I woke up and make breakfast and lunch boxes for son and hubby
07.00 - I took a shower, together with Malicca (and so I can hush hush him every time he got distracted)
07.30 - sending Malicca to school and have the baby sun bathed
08.30 - sending the baby to shower
09:00 - Having my heavy breakfast included a big bowl of veggies (hoa!)
09.30 - breastmilking on demand while watching tv, munching and (not to forget) get wired!

02.30 - first grader back from school and we play together with baby in the kangaroo style, attached to my breast (haha!)

04.30 - baby shower time, literally
05.30 - first grader finishes his shower and
06.30 - have his dinner
07.00 - study time (it is negotiable whether Malicca wants to have it at night or after school, 1,5 - 2 hours each day)
Monday is for math, tuesday is for writing composition & language arts (blogging, in this case), wednesday is for addition and geometry, thursday is for english literacy and friday is for any interests of his (google and youtube-ing)
09.00 - read story before bed then bobo time for mommy, baby and first grader :)

Thanks to the schedule, things are quite predictable. Smooth day is very important when having newborn, so yeah... you don't need any unexpected things beside her crying :) Anyways, my body is still catching up after the caesarean.

Since it is Ramadhan, oh ... I think this is the numbest Ramadhan ever happened to me. Despite of me not joining the fasting, this baby thingy consumes me more than to enjoy Ramadhan. But hey, I thank God my family is still together and hubster tries his best to breakfasting at home, every time. I cannot ask for more than our togetherness :)

Well well, ... now is 10.12 and baby Luna starts demanding. Time to breastfeed! :)

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