Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Knalpot UFO

Kejadian ini terjadi saat aku lagi anterin Titan ke sekolah naik ojek pagi ini.
Tiba-tiba dia tanya:

T: Nda, UFO itu ada knalpotnya nggak?
Me: Ada (being sok tau)
T: Dimananya? Di bawahnya kan pintu masuk. Di samping-sampingnya, gitu? Kecil-kecil di sekeliling UFO-nya? 
Me: Hmm... nanti bunda cari tahu dulu deh
T: Nanti kalau udah tahu, telfon Titan ya Nda!
Me: hmmm (mikir)

A few hours later, I called him from the office.

Me: Titan, aku belum nemu knalpot UFO-nya niy... jadi belum bisa jawab. 
T: Nggak papa, nanti kalau udah ada telfon lagi ya.
Me: Iya, bunda cari terus lagi yah. 
T: Iya. Dadaaaaah

Oh, ... how empathetic a 4 years old son can be? I said to myself. And this is what I love about having kids, little people to grow with. They give reasons to catch up with things I'd never thought I need to know.

After a few hours of Googling and you tube-ing, I finally found that UFO is predicted to have exhaust pipe although it is not like the one we know. Yes, it was not literally mentioned but we can see it from the TR-3B diagram. 

Here are the links on how do UFOs operate and the anti-gravity system

Oh, I really need a cotton candy atta moment!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Rainbow and the magic pond

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He had deep hazel eyes, tanned skin and feet as skinny as a bean stalk. He was an orphan and was very lonely. His best friends were the golden grass in the savanna. The forest ferns, the morning dew, the smell of rain when they touch the soil, the chirping birds, the bright blue sky and blinking stars, the marching ants and caterpillars, and other beautiful creatures around him. When the morning came, he woke up and greeted those wonderful things. He walked slowly and chanted beautiful prayers to them.

One day, it was raining and it washed away the colours of his surroundings. The green leaves, the shocking pink flower, the soil, the black tarantula, even his own skin had became dull. What was happening? The boy wondered. Not long after that, the rain stopped and the sun came out. He came out of his shelter and looked up the sky. ...he saw a colourful painting in the sky he had never seen before.

It was a rainbow.

He mesmerised of its beautiful colours. It was as colourful as the sun's flare that reflected in the surface of the morning dew he saw every day. And so the boy wondered, how was it to get the rainbow far in the sky. "Even if I grow bigger and taller, I would not be able to get the rainbow. And I am not a fairy who is born with a pair of silky wings!"  the boy mumbled.

Days and nights became the never-ending ponder of how to get the rainbow. One day, the boy got broken. He gave up. He cried desperately. He cried loud. ... Tears bursted out of his hazel eyes like a river. He did not stop crying until he suddenly realised that he was now standing in a pond. He was all surrounded by his own tears that became a pond. 

Not finished by his amazement, he realised something. The rainbow he had wished for, was now in front of him. It laid on the surface of the pond and he could see the rainbow closer and even touched it. The boy was so extremely happy! Every time he moved, he made ripples. And every time the ripples touched a surface, the surface became colourful too. The boy did not feel lonely anymore, because now he could play with the rainbow all day. And when the night came, the pond became a starry pond he could also touch.

This is a magical pond, he said to himself. A pond that was made of his own tears that brings happiness on the other day.  

Lentera Langit

"Dulu, dulu sekali. Langit begitu terang benderang dengan kemilau bintang. Semua saling beradu jauh melemparkan cahayanya. Tidak, mereka tidak akan membutakanmu. Cahaya mereka begitu terang, namun juga begitu lembut. Cahaya gemintang itu akan terbias di bola mata mereka yang kamu sayang saat kamu memandangnya.

Di langit yang dulunya terang itulah duduk seorang peri di ujung biduk rembulan dengan cahayanya yang temaram. Sendirian dan kedinginan, ia memandang ke kejauhan. Di belakangnya, menggantunglah lentera-lentera langit malam yang biasa kamu sebut bintang. Dan peri dengan sayap kecil inilah yang menjaga agar lentera-lentera itu agar senantiasa bercahaya. Sayap kecilnya telah mengantarnya menjelajah angkasa selama jutaan tahun lamanya. Ia berkelana mencari bintang-bintang yang mulai temaram. Dan jari-jarinya yang mungil akan menggosok permukaan setiap bintang supaya kembali bercahaya. Dan ia akan mengecupnya, supaya apinya kembali terang. Seperti dulu.

Tiba – tiba sebuah lentera yang menggantung di atas peri itu bergetar hebat. Tanpa ragu-ragu, peri itu segera mengambil ancang-ancang dan siap terbang. Dibungkukannya tubuhnya dan kaki kirinya yang mungil pun maju, bersiap mengambil langkah seribu. Dan … hop! Ia pun terbang. Tapi telat. Lentera yang bergetar hebat itu terlanjur jatuh. Meninggalkan buntut panjang yang berwarna keperakan dan melintas di kegelapan. Dan peri itu hanya menatap diam.

Setiap anak manusia menangis, gugurlah satu bintang di angkasa. Karenanya, hilanglah satu cahaya yang menerangi wajah sang peri. Hanya kamu yang bisa mengembalikan kilau mereka. Melalui tawa dan hangatnya pelukmu."

September 29th 2009

Friday, 25 November 2011

The blog of mommahood

here comes my other blog :) a blog that is made to share my joyful days being a mother of Malicca titan .
enjoy y'all!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Finding alternatives

First of all, I am not an education expert. This writing is based on experience and mostly, assumptions. I am not a lifetime learner I want to have double or triple degree after my name. I believe I don't have enough space in my brain to commit myself for another long-term study. My neurons died long ago. This writing is a piece from a mother who is still looking for best alternatives for his son's education.

Here the story goes. 

I have a son who is going to enter his early education program in the near future. He is four now. Based on some literatures I read, age of 5 is the ideal age to get formal education. So... yeah, I basically have another 6 months before he reaches the age of 5 but I practically have lesser than 4 months to decide which school he'll be joining. 

I don't know, much, about education and its system in this country. But I do know exactly what I don't want. That is, I don't want my son to get stressed about his school things. I don't want my son to be like me, grew up in favorite public schools ended up asking what kind of values I have learned at school and why did I have to learn so many useless subjects.

That is why, from Titan was 2, I kept looking for alternative solutions. Alternative education. And up to this moment, my mind sticks to a school that offers me different thing compare to other schools. I fell in love with this school since the first time I came to its open house long ago. I think, still it is the best of the rest but it doesn't mean I stop looking for alternatives. 

Unfortunately, alternative education in Indonesia is expensive by all means. Although not every expensive schools are good in quality.

I actually believe in home-schooling, and my son loves to learn at home as well and he actually asked for it. Even though I love teaching, but the idea home-schooling is still an odd idea to be applied in Indonesia. Like other unpredictable factor in this country, education has never had a fixed system as well. Hence, I kinda reluctant for the home-schooling thingy. To add with, I still have to be a full-time worker so it is impossible for me to teach my son at home. Why bother home-schooling if I need to pay a home-schooling teacher, may as well my son goes to regular school.

My search of better education varied from islamic school, catholic school, reputable public school and some private schools that is not based on religion. But then I got this thought that I want my son to grow in a neutral environment and let the religion be part of his daily practical life. Not as rituals or dogma he needs to do only because the teacher will give him bad marks when he fails. To add with, Islamic school has so many 'ujian praktek' which actually ... annoying.

Public school? Sorry, but I don't believe the system, specially its early education system. They are pushing their students too much but not providing sufficient teachers. National curriculum but taught by indonesian-english teachers who have awful grammars. So many uncorrelated subjects. Development is judged my grades. Unhealthy competition.

So, here comes the last choice ... national plus schools and their toppings. Those bla plus bla plus bla plus that makes me dizzy and when I am dizzy things get even more complicated specially for my wallet. Aha!

I only want a school that can make the student love to learn. I only want a school that will dig the inner potential of a child. Have I asked too much?

Well, ... yeah ... I know ... I realized that the simpler the checklists are; the harder it gets.

Is someone out there can help me finding out more alternatives? 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Titik terang

Hari ini. 
Sebuah sinar membias di jendela
Dari satu titik yang terang di luar,
menembus panel jendela dan menyelinap tisikan tirai
Terburai menjadi salur-salur yang kadang ada lalu tiada
Kadang emas, kadang putih
Kadang panjang bersambung, kadang pendek dan terputus-putus
Mengendap dan menyelinap
Melemah sampai akhirnya ia kalah ditelan ruang

Berharap sinar yang sama akan datang kembali
Makanya mala mini harus bersiap-siap
Membuka daun jendela dan menyingkap tirai
Biar dingin menyelimuti hanya untuk semalam
Yang penting, pasti
Hangatnya sampai ke wajah
Dan membangunkanku dari mimpi

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Let's talk about being single

Without having much to say, being single means having a simpler life. Happier? It’s another thing. Happiness is somewhere hiding on which angle we want to see. Hence, happiness is relative. But simpler life as a single is an absolute.

Being single has every meaning of having much time to think about our self. To decide and responsible for your self. To broaden or shrink life options on your own hand. The era when the world evolves around us. The self centered phase to glorify the ‘me time’ moment.

If you are a single now and life is complicated enough for you, maybe you should take a detour of your life. Having someone with an expectation he / she will to help you tosimplify your life; is obviously and definitely not the answer.

Afraid to be alone? Well, some of us do. But why do you have to feel alone when you have yourself? You have your dreams, you have things you love to do, you have your feet to bring you anywhere you possibly go, you have your mind to take you further. Remember, as long as you have a smart phone and an ear phone, you are not completely alone though :p

Feeling lonely? Well, … to be honest; it is not the feeling only a single can feel.  No one can deny that nothing greater can cure but a companion. But do you know the great mistake? Is when you are committed to someone yet you feel alone still.

Even though marriage could be one of the major stepping stones in your life, being single could be nice as well.

Being single and in love, … is even nicer. 

Being committed and always in love, I can say it is perfect.