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Pray from mothers

A few days ago, me and the team had a presentation to client. It was a back and forth presentation, but we nailed it that day. And we had a discussion on our way back to the office.

"Jesus Christ, I called my mom today and asked for her blessings for today's presentation. And we did it, yeay!" said one of my account team. And my copywriter continues "You did? Because me too! And I kept chanting Ayat Kursi all the way through!"

"Oh my god, You guys did that? Well I am so thankful for your prayers!"

Then after that, I started thinking... it has been such a long time since I last asked my mom's blessings for office matters. When was the last time I asked for her blessings? Well, maybe for my thesis presentation decades ago.

Then, I asked myself another question. As a mom, have I ever asked my kids what they want to blessed on for today? I think I never done that too. Praying people is way far from me, and I feel a bit sad.

Then at night that day, I t…

When I asked myself 'what the hell I am doing here, right here right now and does it really have to be today' kind of question

and i feel bored.
and i feel empty.
and i feel these are wasting my time.
and i feel small.
and i feel insignificant.
and i feel like chewing all of it myself.
and i think of loved ones at home.
and i think of what i could have done more.
and i think of how i can be more useful.
and i think of how i can be more present.
then i tell myself how i should be grateful.
and remember why  i started all of these.
and i keep going.