Wednesday, September 07, 2016


dear titan, 

one day when you were 9 years old, i found this letter at the office. 
you put it in between my laptop. 
i startled. 
i felt ... sad. 

if only you knew, 
every mothers in the whole wide world will always forgive their children. 
so that they won't have to ask forgiveness again and again. 
so that they won't have to kneeled-down just to ask one. 

as much as mothers will want you to learn from your mistakes, 
we don't really want you to make ones. 
because your mistake means our failure in raising you. 

but all in all, 
i am proud of you. 
it is not easy to ask forgiveness.
but i somehow know, 
your forever-child-heart will make you one of the most courageous man alive. 

love you, 
you know i always do. 

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