Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Month 5 day 10

Never crossed my mind that I would love working in havas and slide the chance visiting cupertino again in september. I think i am ready to settle down though the boredom starts creeping me out lately.

Today is the fifth month since i got back to work. It is the day for my performance review before the contract put an end in another 30 days. Today, i proved myself that being a leader I expect myself to be; was not easy after all. Maybe i am not a good one. Even far from good. far from how i set my standard in the beginning. To me, being a leader is to lead by example. Being a leader is to groom people i have now to be a champ, not by recruiting the champs. I don't ask much. I only want to see a goodwill, a willingness to be better that eventually, will prove. I don't like being pushy.

So I did what I thought it would take to be a good leader,  to be the one I expected myself to be.
Now I know it hurts me to see them failed. It crushes me inside to see them took the chance for granted.

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