Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Birthday, Bapak!

He is my possible hero.
His tummy is flat and he drives.
He takes a little exercise with his 3 kilo barbell as he rocks his rocking chair.
He trains his brain memorizing surah in the holy Qur'an and go to the mosque every adzan.
He takes Luna for a bicycle ride almost every morning. A long distance, seriously.
He teaches Titan to climb a tree.
He was a basket ball player, was a pilot, was a policeman, and forever fisherman.
He said yes all his might, he says no when he can't.

He is my possible hero.
He is my dad.

Happy sweet seventy, Bapak.
Lot's of love and pray for your health and happiness.
This year, we celebrate it in the town where you were born.