Monday, January 18, 2016

Doubled visions.

I experienced the double visions lately. A little accident occurred and needed to have a doctor put a medicated soft lense to heal the cornea faster. Only for a few days.
my eye gets better,
visions get clearer,
and I am becoming wiser.


And then I felt funny. I felt everything indeed has double standards.
About what the norms says, what we believe in, what we feel, what we think, nothing is really fixed anyways.

And then I felt the world is slowing down. Suddenly I have much time to do many things. To pray longer, to take care what I have left behind, to say hi to an old friends, to be eager to wait for my kids to do my instructions (if you don't want to call them 'orders' ha ha!).

And then I felt lucky for my life. I felt so blessed surrounded by people who loves me and their persistence to stick around.


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