Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The terrible two

La Luna is two years and four months now. Day by day, I am starting to realize how drama queen she has become. Sometimes I got easily ticked off. Sometimes, I pretend being a deaf when she tantrums. Here are some lists.

"The world revolves around me"
This is the first drama of all. When she talks, she will not allow you look at other spot. She would just pull off your jaw so you can see her in the eye. And watch she talks, sings or do something.

"If I am upset, I will make sure your life is miserable too."
She cried and cried and will not let you do your things. She will try harder to make you upset too. Like screaming while stepping on your toe, or throw your things to the trash bin, everything but a peaceful you.

"Everything needs to be done, my way. "
If you get wrong doing it, she would ask you to do it again.
Or, a tantrum.

"If I don't get what I want, so does everyone else. "
She is not getting an ice cream because she is having fever. Then she would grab anyone's ice cream and throw them away.

I wonder whether these things happen to La Luna only, or it is so typical of raising a daughter. Sadly and luckily, these also happen to most moms with daughters. I asked a friend when I will get through this phase. She laughed. Hard. Apparently the drama will always come up. In another form as our daughter grows.

Good God!

"Guys, how can you fall in love with us?"

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