Tuesday, November 03, 2015

"Jadi orang tua itu, harus mau repot lho!"
-Dr. Waldi, Spa-

His Facebook status today. Of course, with a story behind it. 
The story of a parent who gave their son homeopathy sedative, because they think their son is hyperactive. Dr. Waldi thinks that the child have so much energy and his parents need to channel it instead of giving him sedatives. 

Jleb moment for me. 

I am too lazy to take Luna for a walk, everyday. 
I am too lazy to take her bounce a ball or ride a tricycle, every afternoon.
I prefer her to squeeze playdough and paint, everyday.
And so I can watch her under aircon, and so I could peep my mobile, and so I could play the music on, and so I don't need to make nonsense conversations with the neighbour. 

Oh, two years and I haven't been a better parent.

Maaf ya Titan, La Luna, bunda janji akan jadi lebih baik.
Dan lebih sabar.
Bear with me. 

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