Wednesday, September 30, 2015

01:39 am

just went down the stairs to see him.
kinda miss my guy.
but of course, i have that big pride to say it *palm face*
and so i brought him a bowl of apple and warm toast with melted cheese inside.
i saw him sipped the ginger tea i made for him previously.
he has been working late.
much as always.

before our life now, i ever had a dream of us.
that we sat together on a couch.
me busy watching the telly and he got busy with his laptop.
as what is happening now.
i had those dreams (literally) a lot back then.
me and him.
as our path united, the dreams started to fade and becomes reality.
he was obviously the antidote.
he keeps my astral. he keeps me sane and throw away my anxiety when i sleep.

he is one of the passionate person i know.
he knows what he wants, full of determination but has a great faith of destiny.
when he fails, he just stops to start again.

he waited me for fourteen years.
the only thing if i ever have to repeat life, this is the thing i don't want to.
even if it is the last thing to do.
too much coincidence in fourteen years that we neglected.
too busy with the mind, we cannot read the signs.

but we are together now.
even though sometimes, this mushy feelings were killed by responsibilities.

one day.

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