Friday, August 28, 2015

Rum raisin chocolate

"Late, kan?"

"Oh yup. Thanks. Masih inget aja." Kataku basa-basi.

I never like coffee, if only you ever knew. They make me tremble, so Late was the only coffee I could bear because two-third of the cup was only plain milk.  

You gave me the cup and smiled.

Ouch, that smile again. And those pockety-lack of sleep eyes hiding behind your spectacles. You said man should sleep lesser than a woman. And It meant a lot. It could mean they work harder. It could also mean they slept later so they could watch their woman sleep peacefully and secretly traces their wrinkles. Count their eye lashes. Kiss her goodnight, put a blanket on her and back to work. 'Till the dawn comes. 

"Diminum, dong."

"Oh, iya."

Shite, why I was a bit nervous. Wait, ... a bit? I was nervous. Totally. 
I held my cup tight and had a sip. But my lips never touched the Late. I prefered watched you sipped. Warmth slowly traces down my throat just by seeing you sipped the coffee. Gosh, ... how I miss you. 

"Aku enggak pernah berjalan sejauh ini." Kataku.

"Masa? Why not?"

I mean ... I have never let my feeling goes this far. 

"You know ... badan aku tuh norak banget lah. Gak bisa kena dingin dikit aja pasti langsung masuk angin. Kamu enak, ... gendut." As I poked his flabby tummy.

You laughed hard. I still remember how it feels to hug you, do you know that? Well,  also when you hugged me. They were all the same. It was like my whole body was crunched into a fluffy pot and sealed. I felt safe and comfort. Only just I hugged you more than you hugged me. 

You looked away to the distance. There was a slight of awkward pause. 

"Kamu ngapain ke sini?" Kataku ragu. Takut salah.

You kept walking. You sipped your coffee and put your hand in your pocket. You sipped it again, and ... no. You did not sip it. You put your cup down. And you stopped. I was a walk away behind you when you turned around and pointed my cup. 

"Buat itu." Katamu sambil menunjuk gelas Lateku.

"Oh ... what about this Late?" I chuckled.

"It is not. You never like coffee, don't you?"

I trembled. This time it was not because of the coffee.  
My hand muffled up in mitten. 

Photograph by my art director partner @marshattacks

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