Thursday, October 09, 2014

learning style

why do we have different learning styles?
because each people has different brain. different size, different capacity, different connections amongst its nerves.

this post was inspired by malicca, my second grader who has hard time taking orders and listen to his mom. me.

maybe, because he is in the phase of being rebellious. this shall pass, some said.
okay, that was the shortest and easiest answer a parent can make. but what if it is not? what if he is just being ... him? and the phase would not be a phase but be a forever and ever?
then i start to ponder what have gone wrong. after a few cups of coffee and lots and lots and lots of this jaw of mine did its exercise *read: munching* ... well, maybe, i have treated him the wrong way.

maybe i did not clear enough. or blame my tone of voice that is a bit cartoony. or maybe i talked too much. or maybe he did not understand the words i use. or maybe he is overload with all the distractions around him. or maybe he was thinking of his world in minecraft. are they the reasons why he did not listen to what i said?

then i took a little detour of what might gone wrong. i  did a few research from the internet and rechecked his teachers, in a sum up, malicca is a highly visual kid with a little bit kinaesthetic style of learning.

he visuals things, on his sketches and mind. sometimes he just laugh seeing someone, simply because he creates a story in his mind. he quickly grabs everything he sees that interests him and put them in his memory lane. he quickly spots a thing that interests him within seconds as our car passes by.

yes, what interests him, is the key. now you can imagine how boring a house chore for him. how to make them interesting so they can interest him? that is the question.

so, then i changed my way of giving orders. i write all the things he has to do, in this case: his daily chores. i write every order on a piece of paper and put it on the spot where he is obliged to do the chores. it started from where to put his shoes, bags, what to do after school, what to do before shower, before bed ... every single thing. and because he also has a mixed learning style with kinaesthetic, so on the first day of the launch of the chore visual kit; i took him for a tour around the house. just like a roommate giving a tour to his room. what are the do and the don'ts by presenting the visual kits that will help him what to do.

amazingly, it works. well, at least for the past three weeks.

then i also got another conclusion about why he did not hear me much. that maybe, i should have listened to him more.



  1. whoaaa... pintarrrrr. ini jadi kaya simulasi di kidzania gitu ya wur, heran juga kenapa kalo di kidzania anak-anak pada bisa kalo di rumah engga. kmrn gw juga kasih sali 2 task kalo sampe rumah, gantung jaket dan taro sepatunya di barisan sepatu dia. kadang mau kadang engga sih :P

    1. hahaha itulah, kalo di sekolah bisa disiplin. giliran di rumah, mak blar :p
      kalau kata titan sih, alasannya "kalo di sekolah ada rulesnya nda. ini kan rumah, bukan sekolah" ... hahaha. dari situ gue mikir, ternyata rule di rumah itu harus fixed dan dikenalin dari awal ya hihihi ... walaupun, sekarang rules daily schedule berubah-ubah terus tergantung nego : )))


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