Tuesday, February 11, 2014

on that usual our pillow talk right before malicca go to bed.

i said to him,

"i want to be a better mom. 
how do you think i can be a better mom? 
what kind of mom do you want to have?"

you patted my arm.

"kaya gini aja. udah kaya gini aja titan sukanya."

i replied

"but i don't think i am a good mother nowadays. 
i want to be better. 
i want to be more patient." 

then you said

"ya titannya harus lebih nurut sama bunda. 
biar bunda enggak marah-marah jadinya a better mom deh." 

"do you think so?"

i said.
inside i was feeling so happy, i nailed you dear boy.

"iya bunda. udah ah, titan mau bobo. 
jangan ajak ngobrol terus ya. 
good nite, tomorrow will be a better day! 
bismika allahumma ahya wa bismika amut." 

i zipped my mouth, then i heard you snored.
the most wonderful sound on earth i love to hear over and over.

yes, tomorrow always a better day dear boy.
inshaa allah.

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