Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The things I miss

When i was a working mom, i missed a lot of things at home.
I missed my kid's milestones. Their every firsts.
I missed cooking foods their recipe I collected in my spare time in the office.
I missed tugging kids to their nap.
I missed decorating the house with references I-can-only-drool-on from websites, also in my spare time in the office.

I missed them. 

Now I am a home-stay mom. I missed a lot of things I used to have.
I miss  my son welcome me with open arm when I got back from the office.
I miss  my let's-get-this-done spirit.
I miss my what-to-wear-today questions
and what I miss most, is my long long long me-time, spare time, blogging and blog walking.

I miss me. 

Now I have to get used by not locking the door when I poop, just in case little boy wants to ask where his color pencils are. Or whether he may eat some candies.
Now I have to get used by letting the house messy because many times, growth spurt stroke the baby girl and so I have to nurse him almost every hour.
Now I have to get used by not having a daily schedule because the little queen is now the ruler.
And yes, sleeping both with my kids hugging me and I cannot move my arms, stiffed neck comes later.

Oh, can a mother gets a cup of coffee first? 


  1. you write so good wullie.. i envy youuu..


    1. yanaaaaa... sementara gue selalu suka cara bertutur lo di blog! jarang banget art based bisa nulis panjaaaang dan berstruktur :) ... and i envy your clean and everything-in-order house! :)


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