Monday, November 25, 2013

The grand grateful


If I can be jealous of you, having grannies is one of thing I am jealous of.
Because I did not have the chance of knowing them like you know your grannies: my parents.

They are great parents. And as you know, they are also great grannies. 

Your grandfather taught me how to ride a bike, how to climb the tree, to go fishing, to swim, to drive a car, just like the way he taught you the same things the other days.
Your grandfather stood by me all my life, taught me to be a strong girl and a strong woman when no one near. He taught me to be a strong man at the same time. He taught me to be tough, even when I was left behind. He taught me that I never alone. Just like what he did to you. The one you looked for when you got wounded, the one who fixed your toys, the one who always around for urgent calls or just to get you to school or pick you up from school. The one who taught us there are greater things above us.

"You are my daughter. You have to be strong! When someone cannot make the call, you do the call." He said one day, to me.

How about my mother? Yes, the one you called Nini. The one who dedicated all her life for her family and her children's family. The one you can always count on when I am not around. The one who cooks you delicious food just like how she cooked for me when I was your age. The one who told you to get a bath, screaming just like what she did to me back then.

"Jadi perempuan itu, harus punya mental daging. Bukan mental tempe yang gampang dikuyo-kuyo dan diremek-remek. Kalau punya pacar, bayar sendiri. Kalau bisa, kamu yang bayarin. Tunjukkin kalau kamu punya harga diri, bukan perempuan kacangan yang gampang dikasih-kasih" She said to me when I was a child.

Can you close your eyes and imagine your life without them? 
Trust me, 
I know the feeling and it is not nice. 

Having grannies are all about having your super heroes come to life.
The place you can run to when you hate your parents. Yes, it happens sometimes right?
The all-you-can-have buffet when your parents do not give what you want. Right?
The one who sneakily bought you Fox candies, donuts or Slurpee when I am not around. Right?

Someday, they will only be memories you can only remember. 
And by that time, you will realise how grateful you are for having the chance to have grannies. 

You and Aki

Nini and her sister

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