Sunday, November 10, 2013

before bed time

One night, when baby luna was already sleeping, you and I had this conversation.

How's your day, malicca?

Just fine. Oh, ... what are your three happiness today, Bunda?

Hmmm... I am happy because you hugged me soon as I opened up the car's door as I got back from the office. I am happy because I am full, I ate a lot on lunch and dinner. And finally, I tried the famous Cronuts!  What are your three happiness?

Oh, I am happy because you hugged me too! I am happy because I have no unfinished worksheets today. Yeay! I am happy because on PDR I made masjid Baitul Rahman with math materials in math center.

O, really? that was what you did on PDR?

Yes, Bunda. I made it with the blocks with Aria and Revatta.

Do you like your school?

Yes, I love my school.

Do you like going to school everyday?

Ah la la la la laaaa ... Nnnnoooooo hahahahaha

Why you don't like it?

Oooowh because the worksheets are soooo many, I have 3 unfinished worksheets.

Then if you can build your own school, how would you like it to be?

I want to build a school that has only PDR and PDR and PDR and PDR only. No veggies on lunch. Hahahaha ... that sounds fun, right?

Yes, that sounds fun.

But then muridnya would all be stupid. Cannot count, cannot read hahahaha

Do you think so?

Yes I think so. Look Bunda, the sky is so dark outside.

Yea... can you imagine the world without the sun? Can you imagine you have to go to school in dark like this? Can you imagine if there was no sunlight. No flower means no fruits. No grass means the cow cannot eat. Then the cows will die. No cheese, your favourite food. No chicken means no eggs. No rice means no nasi goreng, your favourite food too.

Oh nooo ... then we will die too!

*just a random chat before bed, a thing I love love love doing it*

Plan - Do - Review, High Scope's teaching credo as you can read here 

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