Monday, September 02, 2013

Thank You

Dear Malicca,

Not so long ago, you bought Lego with your own lebaran angpaw. Well, not really your money. In the end I decided to use mine and have your angpaw saved in your Ghibli fund. Unlike other days, I let you buy expensive toy this time. And this is the first time I let you do shopping with your angpaw. Just because this is lebaran and I want you to have something to look forward. Like Christmas.

Then you bought Lego. Since you were crazy about Titanic, you bought the boat series. A fire fighter boat and a coast guard boat. You took them to bath everyday. Until today I found them had fallen apart, disorganised in the storage room. Only in a few days.

Then I called you in. I pointed out the lego under the racks.

"Bunda sedih, deh." I said.

Then you picked them up with your teary eyes. Mine were too. Honey, if only you knew how much I wanted to have Lego when I was a kid; but I couldn't because they were too expensive.

"Sorry, Bunda." You said.

Then you assembled the Lego back.

"Why did you do this? Why didnt' you take care of your belongings? Didn't you realise you got the Lego with your own effort by fasting during Ramadhan? Do you forget how thirsty and hungry you were?"

Do you know why I cried? I cried because I was so sad. At that point of time when I was asking you, I also asked myself what I have not taught you to become a grateful person and take care of the things we have. I cried because I was worried, I was afraid if you grow becoming an ungrateful and 'take-things-for-granted' person. The kind of person I hate. 

No, don't be. 

And I did not angry that afternoon. 
Instead, I thank you for reminding me to be always a better person I am.
To show you more of how to be a grateful person.

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