Monday, April 15, 2013

The best present

Slowly the smells got into my nostrils.
The sweet whimsical smell that came from whitish petals of my favorite flowers that my hubby prepared the night before.

Then I woke up.
I realized I was now 34,
and this was what I saw.

I smiled looked at their faces.
Men of my life, so peaceful in their sleep.
With their wandering mind that came in the form of dream,
but they were not my dream.
They are my life.

I looked around.
And these were what I saw in the corner.

And I went outside.
Nothing was in my mind and the air was so clear. 
I looked around the house. 
Just to feel every existence. 

And not long after that, a voice called me. 
It was my mother and father. 
Gave me a big bear hug and wished me a happy birthday. 

And a bonus.

What else I have not got? 
This is the best birthday feeling I ever had.

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