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I miss those

I used to think that I am one of those people who cannot travel alone. Including hanging out to a mall. But then, I tried. I still remember when it was. Right after I finished my violin class on my second year of college. I brought my violin and went to Kinokuniya bookstore, alone.

Amazingly, I felt enjoyed.

Where was the scary feeling?
Where was the awkward feeling when crowds looked at me as if they were thinking something bad about me?
Where was the uneasy feeling of having something unplanned?
Where was the worry?

I did not know why, and how, but they were all gone.
Of course there was a little bit of uneasy feeling. First cut is always the deepest.
But I managed it.

Up to this moment, I am still think that way. That I cannot go alone. But then, life shoves me down my throat to get this life alone, sometimes. Many times, to be exact. Started from a must I travel alone for work, or when things turn solo for me.

Now, it has been a while since I last travel alone or juggle the life s…

Malicca, I miss you

Malicca, my satellite.

Do you remember when we drove along together on a very night.
And we sang out loud.
Yes, Viva La Vida that was.
Your favorite song.

Do you remember one day when I returned from work half-day
and we spent the rest of the day having pizza and played in the playground?

Do you remember when we went to Bali and spent the evening in the swimming pool watching the sun set? Spent the whole day on the beach, had pizza and tried our first Slurpee ever?
Yes, just the two of us.

Do you remember when we went to Singapore and you pushed yourself to walk along the city just because I forgot to bring your pushchair? And you did it without any complaints.

Do you remember those nights you took care of me when there was no man in the house?
Oh I forgot, you were the man that saved our house from a burnt out!

Do you remember the night when I was so pissed off and you said
"Good nite, tomorrow will be better, Bunda."
"Will you wake up earlier t…

Malicca's first date

On Friday night, you told me this.

"Bunda, besok main ke rumah Aurel ya."
"Just you? or with your other friends?"
"Only me."
"Well, I don't know where she lives."
"I know."
"Really, how do you know?'

"Jadi gini, tadi pas go home time Titan kan gandengan sama Aurel. Terus Titan bilang
'Aurel Aurel, besok main ke rumah kamu yuk!'
Kata Aurel 'Ayuk!'
'Tapi rumah kamu dimana?'
'Di Permata Mediterania, Jalan Garden 2 nomor 2'
'Oh yang ada tempat berenangnya itu ya? Nanti kita berenang ya!'
'Iya' kata Aurel.

I kept silent.

At one side, I just could not belive a nearly six years old kid could ask a girl out.
At the other side, oh ... I kinda lazy to find the address and pop out in front of her house and need to say this to Aurel's mom:

"Oh, well, hello... apparently,  our kids ... uhm ... have an appointment. To go swimming together. Uh hmmm..." .... aaaaaaawkwaaaaaaaaaard
But at…

A day in a copywriter's life

Dari atas sini, terlihat seorang istri yang sedang memasak tumis dengan penuh antusias. Minyak yang menggolak panas siap menggoseng irisan bawang merah dan bawang putih. Lalu dimasukkannya irisan terasi dan potongan sayur yang sudah dicuci bersih.

“Cih, ... tumis kangkung?!!! Dulu juga aku masak itu.” 

Tiba-tiba terdengar suara wanita lain yang membathin.

“Semua sudah kulakukan untuk masak yang terbaik bagi keluarga. Tapi apa hasilnya?” 

Lanjut wanita itu lagi.

Tiba-tiba wanita yang sedang sibuk memasak itu mengeluarkan satu bungkus bumbu masak ke dalam wajan.

“Apa itu? Bumbu masak Surius? ah... kenapa aku tidak pernah tahu rahasia itu! Ah, seandainya saja aku pakai, mungkin lain lagi ceritanya. aku pasti bisa menjadi istri yang lebih baik. Ibu yang lebih dicintai anak-anak.” 

Kata suara hati itu kembali bergumam.

Camera berputar arah, ternyata yang berbicara adalah seekor cicak yang sedang mengamati seorang Ibu yang sedang memasak di dapur.

Ibu Cicak itu pun kemudian menatap dengan nana…
Hello Sunday's sunshine,  Thank you for allowing us to had breakfast in the backyard.  Malicca was so happy,  because it has been a while since our last outdoor breakie (thanks to rainy season). 
We had risoles and pear this morning.  Some cups of tea and chocolate milk for the little boy. 
Simple menu yet we got too excited by the sun.
Sunday is the big breakfast day. Today, we had apple cinnamon french toast,  egg ham french toast  and hot cinnamon sorbet.