Thursday, October 18, 2012

The book of eleventh

I am gladly involved in Read 12 books 2012 with two of my friends @ishtarnayyara and @sarskylicious . I started it late, but I managed to get it finished by October and keep reading. Cause if I don't, I am afraid I might stop reading for another hundred years and it will be even harder to drag my eyes on the lines again.

'Malaikat Jatuh' by Clara Ng was my book of eleventh, and yes; it was the highlight of this project.
I bought the book in 2009 (yes, that long!) and I let it sit in dust for more than 2 years (like always... zzzz... zZzzz ).

The book was all about mother's love at its best angle, when mother can be so soft and tender yet can be grim and vicious as well. It remains me of myself as a mother and I could not hold my tears when I read its first and last story. The feeling when I read its last page was the same when I read Larung by Ayu Utami. I felt like gasping for minutes and wished there were at least another page to read saying that the story did not end like the way it ended.

Malaikat Jatuh was not the only one. Children books by Shel Silverstain were also the best, and my pop novel best category goes to Antologi Rasa that I finished in only 2 days.

These are my list of Reading 12 books in 2012 project

6. Brida 

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