Thursday, October 04, 2012

B(ex)t Friend

To some, the words 'best friend' could mean nothing. 
To me, however, best friend means a lot. 

I might not be the perfect person to tell things about friendship, for I may not be a perfect friend or best friend for my friends. I sometimes lie, I sometimes weren't there for them when they need me, I sometimes tell them things they want to hear and not things they need to hear, I sometimes just want to be alone. 

There are many kind of friends. There are childhood friends, devoted friends who always willing to lend their ears for you to trash or come to visit you in the middle of stormy night, travel buddies, party friends who can make you laugh and sing all night, gossip friends where you can get your latest updates, social media friends who we rarely meet but knows a lot about us based on their assumptions, office friends with whom you have lunch, parenting friends with whom we can squeeze their tips and tricks in parenting, and of course the hi-bye friends. 

We all have those categories. Don't we? And both are usually know where to stand. 

Expectation that doesn't meet up is sucks. So is having a friend who want to be your friend only when she / he wants to. 

At first you were friends. Then become good friend that leads to best friend. Wished you both can be best friends forever and promised you to come to your wedding and blah blah blah... and on one perfect day, she / he leaves you in despair without reasons. 
But (still) trying to be a best friend, we usually say "Oh, what is wrong? You know where to find me when you need me, okay?" 
We all know that 'Nothing is wrong' or 'I want to be alone' is the biggest lie in the world, and staying honest is always a tough option. That would include telling your friend why you want to cut off the friendship. 
But hey my friend, once you lied, please also keep the lie that we ever have that friendship. So you don't have to come back and ask it back. 

Oh, there is usually a reason: "I want to be alone." This, my friend, in bitch's glossary means "Back off! I mean... now!" 

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