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Bunda, Titan pengen punya bidadari

You do have them. They called angels. They are the ones who love you and protect you.

Protect me from bad people, bunda?

Yes, they are.

Oh, I know.


You are my angel, Bunda. You love me and protect me from bad people. I love you!

*teary eyes*

A before-dinner conversation between me and my 5 years old satellite 

To Malicca, about quitting my job

Dear Malicca,
There was once you asked me this question.
"Bunda, kapan sih bunda berhenti bekerja?"

Hmm, it took me a while until I finally answered you.

I am working for a reason. Reasons, to be exact.
I am working for you, that is my most and top priority. For my parents, and for me.
I want to give you the best education I can afford.
And in this country, good education costs a lot of money.
And when I am mentioning good education, means not only the system but also the mindset they have to raise children.

I want to take you travel the world.
I want you to see many things, learnt from various source and meet people.
And travel, is not free.

I want to help my parents.
They are old, they are pension, I want to take care of them.
Pay their bills, find them a good maid, i want to give them the best doctor when they got sick one day.
And they are not free.

And there are so many other things I want to do.
I want to paint our house, build a garden and cook the finest foods,
... and they cost …

Nenek Cantik

Bunda, look!

I cannot, I am driving. Ada apa sih emangnya?

Itu, tadi ada nenek-nenek pake baju pink.
Rambutnya putih. Putiiih semua.
Tapi masih cantik, Nda!
Keren, deh!

O, ya? Wah, kok bisa ya nenek-nenek udah tua tapi masih cantik?

Sulap kali, Nda!

- Malicca umur 5 tahun 5 bulan, Bunda umur 33 tahun 6 bulan, dalam perjalanan pagi menuju sekolah -

Sunday left-overs

Enjoying my Sunday, dengan sisaan stroberi dan Divortiare. Nice cheeky book :) 

I am a proud mom

Dear Malicca,

One night you were being a little jerk, seriously. You were like a whirlwind.
You acted harsh to me and Nini,
you were being defensive and said no to most of the things I told you.

You were not like what you usually were. You were different that night.
I wonder what happened. Then I asked you to talk.
Amazingly, you understood what I meant. "Let's talk." I have said.
And we went in to Nini's bed room and we started to talk.

I always amazed with your skill in describing your feelings.
You were only five, but I respected how honest you were about your feelings.

Then you told me scene by scene about how upset you were when your friends did not reckon what you said to them. Yes, it was Bagas the kid next to our house.
You were playing with him when you told him not to hurt himself by playing underneath a truck.
Yes, a truck. But he didn't listen. Then you got upset.
Then you went off, but deep inside you still wanted to play with him.
But you were pissed off.


The book of eleventh

I am gladly involved in Read 12 books 2012 with two of my friends @ishtarnayyara and @sarskylicious . I started it late, but I managed to get it finished by October and keep reading. Cause if I don't, I am afraid I might stop reading for another hundred years and it will be even harder to drag my eyes on the lines again.

'Malaikat Jatuh' by Clara Ng was my book of eleventh, and yes; it was the highlight of this project.
I bought the book in 2009 (yes, that long!) and I let it sit in dust for more than 2 years (like always... zzzz... zZzzz ).

The book was all about mother's love at its best angle, when mother can be so soft and tender yet can be grim and vicious as well. It remains me of myself as a mother and I could not hold my tears when I read its first and last story. The feeling when I read its last page was the same when I read Larung by Ayu Utami. I felt like gasping for minutes and wished there were at least another page to read saying that the story did not e…

One of those days

Carpe diem, seize the day, atau meraih sukses hari ini dalam bahasa ibu. Yes, this is one of that day. Bukan karena sukses meraih bisnis baru di kantor, bukan karena dapat rejeki nomplok plok plok, bukan karena berhasil melakukan penemuan baru yang breakthrough - amin sih kalau iya - buat aku sukses memetik hari adalah saat semua urusan hari ini lancar. Tepat waktu, jadi bisa berbagi diri dan waktu untuk mereka yang terkasih dan juga sempat untuk memiliki waktu untuk diri sendiri.

Pencapaian yang simpel? Well, ... kalau ukuran simpelnya segampang omong kosong sih ya enggak ya.

Kuncinya ternyata ada di bangun pagi dan tahu kapan untuk ngikutin apa kata hati dan kapan untuk tahu diri. Kita bahas satu-satu ya.

Weekend kemarin sebenernya adalah weekend yang penuh pikiran karena punya PR bikin 3 deck presentasi yang semuanya buat hari Senin sore. Tapi entah kenapa - Ih bohong, gue tau banget kenapa - rasanya malas banget untuk mulai ngerjain. Tiap kali buka komputer, malah ngerjain yang la…
I am a true believer of 'Whats good to get into your mouth is also good for your skin'. After series of looking for the perfect scrub bean in my kitchen - from coffee to oatmeal to tea to skim milk powder - I found Gulaku sugar stick has the 'just right' texture for scrubbing. 
You only need to add it with a little drop of liquid ( I use full cream milk today), let it sit for a few minutes (just check the textures of the sugar crystal cubes until you find it perfect for your skin) and go scrub. You can also use honey, olive oil or your prefered moisturizer.
Breakfast. Happy Sundae, people!
My first kopi tubruk and it tasted good.  Thank you, Warung Baba.
Sejak Titan sekolah pagi tiga bulan yang lalu, aku udah enggak pernah punya luxury time buat sarapan sambil jemuran punggung dan baca buku. Trus keburu freelance juga, there goes my me-time off the thin air. 
Tapi hari ini, Titan libur dan aku masih pengen leyeh-leyeh dulu sebelum berangkat ke kantor.  Hello again, Me :)
Malicca loves pizza so very much and wants to have pizza for his breakfast today. Unfortunately, we don't have any pizza dough left today. Me being me, too lazy to make pizza dough and I was 100% sure I would not be able to do it, I used bread instead.
Thank god there was Jamie Oliver tomato pesto and sausage left in the fridge. 
"Yummy, Bunda!" he said.