Saturday, June 02, 2012

I have been writing this blog since 2004. Through everything I wrote here start from poems, essays, short stories and sometimes a simple line of quotations, they reflected how I live my life, how I think, and inevitably reflected things or people  I loved and enlivened me.

Day by day that went by, they brought me to this day. Just like the sun that always rises in the east. Just like getting to the office to finish yesterday's requests. Just like predictable traffic in Jakarta. Life, apparently, is pretty much a cycle that brings you sometimes up or sometimes down. Many times I feel that what I am feeling now, I have experienced it before. If one or two things keep looping and keep coming to our life, maybe it is a matter of time until we can crack it.

Today,  is a new day, but today feels like happening in the past. Like it is happening when I was younger. Then  I woke up. Then I felt the beaming light on my window pane. I feel secured, I have my now and then. 

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