Sunday, February 12, 2012


I did not finish my electone school
I did not finish my violin school
I did not continue my last level of English skill, CAE, with British Council certificate
I haven’t started my sewing project, let alone of finishing it
I did not continue my Bali dance lesson
I did not finish my meal sometimes

There are many other things in life I did not finish them. Despite of all responsible reasons or illogical because' that made me did them, still they are parts that shape me to become the person of who I am today.  

But there is this one thing I love doing. Always doing. Luckily, has been giving me money for my family since twelve years ago. It is the only thing I had never take a course on or took a formal school. I just did and still doing it. 


My first poem was about a banana tree and I got loads of laugh when reading it in front of my cousins. The second one was about mother’s day that I gave it to my mom and she did not even take a look at it. The next writings were in the form of a diary and I had been doing it for 12 years. Then as I learned to fall in love, I started to write more poems, most of them are twisted and complex absurd poems. 

I collected those poems and short stories and made a handmade book of my own when I was 21 and joined Bunga Matahari mailing list and published a book together in 2004. I joined advertising and worked as a copywriter and won the best copywriting in my third year in the industry. Now, all of my writing comes in the form of blogs. Hopefully, I will someday publish a book of my own.

So, is it passion? Is passion something that you have been always doing without you even noticing it is your passion? Is passion will soon be ruined once you got into an institution and feel obliged to do it? If it is, then I am one of the luckiest person in the world to do something that I love and I got paid for it. If it is not, then maybe I will not finish it and writing will just be my other way of searching what I really looking for.

I have no idea. I just do, and I love it so far.

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