Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have a faith

“Some people choose to keep running in circle. Every time a chance comes to break the circle, they respond it slowly as if the universe always runs as they expected it to be. When they missed the chance, they will say, “I did try my best, it is not meant to be mine.”

That was a thought I typed on my Path a few minutes ago. Not long after it was uploaded, my Whatsapp rang. “Was your status for me?” she asked. I said, “No, not at all. It was for all of us.”

Being a passive Twitterist, I noticed people in my timeline are just trashing most of the time. They made a rant about their unhappiness, or curses on twitter or many times, just a one-off buzz on the messenger leaving me a message like “I am bursting into tears now.” Or “I am so not happy.” Or “I want him, only him.” Or "What if this and what if that." – things I thought I would only found in the life of a teenager.

I sometimes wanted to slap them and said “You have been through nothing, bitch. Be strong, there are more unexpected and destructive things might come to you one day. Have you ever lost a kid? Have you ever lost someone you have been living together for quite some times? Have you ever tried to be a single mother? Have you ever lived with a daily basis income? Have you ever lived in 3 hours electrical supply everyday? Have you ever lived in conflicting area? Have you ever heard your son told you that he was hungry but there was nothing left to eat? Have you ever lived on your own in a strange land and you have to create your support system back from the scratch?

Then why do you still brag about traffic you know there will be traffic jam everywhere everyday, your stupid boss, your not-so-into-you-boyfriend/girlfriend, ... but do nothing about it?

Does someone have to be in their lowest point to learn that there are more important things to think of? I hope not. But apparently, experience is the most primitive way for human to learn. Go test your own limit, then. Be playful with your hatreds and hurtful. You are going to be fine, though. If it is not bitter, how can you be stronger? But don't be too long dingle-dangle in that phase. I know the dramatic feeling of being broken hearted, but hey … have a faith in life. Have a faith things will turn out fine. If it is not, it will someday.

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