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Hwell well ... year of 2011 was the most tiring year I ever been through. It was the year of lost and found. The loss taught me how to survive, the found taught me how to learn myself again and to believe there was always hope. Somehow the lost and found made me stronger now. 
2011 was also the year of getting back home, the year of fixing up domestic matters literally and tidied up my emotion to their respective shelves. That was why, for some, I was hard to find. Because I folded in my wings and put my priorities only to closest people who kept me stronger. 2011 that was, ... the year of hitting the lowest point yet gave me the highest bounce so far. I loved it. 

There are some highlights I want to share, yet I see it as a learning not regret. 
On marriage
After some rocky era I finally decided to let go of it. It was sad however, to realize both of us were in love when we were young but then grew apart when we grew up. I tried, my best, but it is always takes two to tango. We could not…

The day I doubt my dream

Today is December 1st 2011, the day when a parent got very sad because of their daughter was cancelled to enter the Elementary School because of a stupid reason: he is the daughter of an HIV+ father. But me, I cannot believe myself what I am holding now: an acceptance letter of Malicca joining a school.  
To tell you the truth, I fell in love with the philosophy of the school from the first time I came to its Open House. I think it was when Malicca was about two years old. Being pessimistic about its tuition, and so I thought getting to the school can only be a dream. But like people say, don’t ever underestimate the power of dream. And from what I am holding now, yet I still think it is a dream. Is it coming true? Is it what is best for my son? After all these years of looking, is it the best one I have been looking for? Is this it? Is it the one? Up to this moment, I still do not know the answer whether it is the best school for my son, or not.
Then Bubu asked me whether I am sure my…