Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding alternatives

First of all, I am not an education expert. This writing is based on experience and mostly, assumptions. I am not a lifetime learner I want to have double or triple degree after my name. I believe I don't have enough space in my brain to commit myself for another long-term study. My neurons died long ago. This writing is a piece from a mother who is still looking for best alternatives for his son's education.

Here the story goes. 

I have a son who is going to enter his early education program in the near future. He is four now. Based on some literatures I read, age of 5 is the ideal age to get formal education. So... yeah, I basically have another 6 months before he reaches the age of 5 but I practically have lesser than 4 months to decide which school he'll be joining. 

I don't know, much, about education and its system in this country. But I do know exactly what I don't want. That is, I don't want my son to get stressed about his school things. I don't want my son to be like me, grew up in favorite public schools ended up asking what kind of values I have learned at school and why did I have to learn so many useless subjects.

That is why, from Titan was 2, I kept looking for alternative solutions. Alternative education. And up to this moment, my mind sticks to a school that offers me different thing compare to other schools. I fell in love with this school since the first time I came to its open house long ago. I think, still it is the best of the rest but it doesn't mean I stop looking for alternatives. 

Unfortunately, alternative education in Indonesia is expensive by all means. Although not every expensive schools are good in quality.

I actually believe in home-schooling, and my son loves to learn at home as well and he actually asked for it. Even though I love teaching, but the idea home-schooling is still an odd idea to be applied in Indonesia. Like other unpredictable factor in this country, education has never had a fixed system as well. Hence, I kinda reluctant for the home-schooling thingy. To add with, I still have to be a full-time worker so it is impossible for me to teach my son at home. Why bother home-schooling if I need to pay a home-schooling teacher, may as well my son goes to regular school.

My search of better education varied from islamic school, catholic school, reputable public school and some private schools that is not based on religion. But then I got this thought that I want my son to grow in a neutral environment and let the religion be part of his daily practical life. Not as rituals or dogma he needs to do only because the teacher will give him bad marks when he fails. To add with, Islamic school has so many 'ujian praktek' which actually ... annoying.

Public school? Sorry, but I don't believe the system, specially its early education system. They are pushing their students too much but not providing sufficient teachers. National curriculum but taught by indonesian-english teachers who have awful grammars. So many uncorrelated subjects. Development is judged my grades. Unhealthy competition.

So, here comes the last choice ... national plus schools and their toppings. Those bla plus bla plus bla plus that makes me dizzy and when I am dizzy things get even more complicated specially for my wallet. Aha!

I only want a school that can make the student love to learn. I only want a school that will dig the inner potential of a child. Have I asked too much?

Well, ... yeah ... I know ... I realized that the simpler the checklists are; the harder it gets.

Is someone out there can help me finding out more alternatives? 

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