Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's talk about being single

Without having much to say, being single means having a simpler life. Happier? It’s another thing. Happiness is somewhere hiding on which angle we want to see. Hence, happiness is relative. But simpler life as a single is an absolute.

Being single has every meaning of having much time to think about our self. To decide and responsible for your self. To broaden or shrink life options on your own hand. The era when the world evolves around us. The self centered phase to glorify the ‘me time’ moment.

If you are a single now and life is complicated enough for you, maybe you should take a detour of your life. Having someone with an expectation he / she will to help you tosimplify your life; is obviously and definitely not the answer.

Afraid to be alone? Well, some of us do. But why do you have to feel alone when you have yourself? You have your dreams, you have things you love to do, you have your feet to bring you anywhere you possibly go, you have your mind to take you further. Remember, as long as you have a smart phone and an ear phone, you are not completely alone though :p

Feeling lonely? Well, … to be honest; it is not the feeling only a single can feel.  No one can deny that nothing greater can cure but a companion. But do you know the great mistake? Is when you are committed to someone yet you feel alone still.

Even though marriage could be one of the major stepping stones in your life, being single could be nice as well.

Being single and in love, … is even nicer. 

Being committed and always in love, I can say it is perfect. 

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