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One day in an urban life, when most people needed at least three hours to reach their office and back home and worked for almost eleven hours per day. The sky was dusky with a little lilac drapery.  As flying dragons back to their castle and replaced by the shadow dementors who are ready to suck your tired soul residue, there we saw a princess talking to her hope-to-be prince in the dim light. 

Like other princess who believes she lives in the fantasy world she can only control and understand, and like Cinderella who came to the party with a ticking-clock  insecure feeling, she asked him. “Why are you here with me and loving me with all your breath?”

“Because I believe, this is my chance.” said the guy firm. 

“Do you love me that much?” asked the girl back. 

“No. I just love you. Because if I love you that much, by this time you should be at your happiest moment and I would not know how to make you even more happier in the future.” Said the guy as he sipped his 16 years old sauvignon.    

The girl looked disappointed. “Do you love me?” she said in reluctant. But she knows, whatever what the guy would say, she would rather believe in what she wanted to believe. 

“I do.” Said the guy in a single breath.

“Will you stay?” another doubts came out. 

“I will. In whatever form you want me to be.” He answered. 

The girl took a deep breath. A final question was about to burst out. Is it ‘Will you marry me?’ No, the question is way too easy to be answered. Instead, she asked him: “Will you love me forever?”


The guy got silent. Sixteen years old sauvignon suddenly tasted like urine and you needed to swallow nonetheless. It took him a few minutes, few flashback sand few premonitions for the future. But he realized that he is here. Now, at this very moment, and can’t ever get away to where ever he wanted him to be. 

“No, I cannot promise you that.” The guy said. 

The girl’s visions got blurred, tears started running down her face. Of course, in a very dramatic slow motion like it took the tears forever to finally dropping down. 

“Knowing myself very much, I cannot promise you whatever things in forever time. But my lady, I can promise you I will love you today … and tomorrow.  And by the time tomorrow comes, I hope I can  promise you I will love you today and tomorrow again until it fulfills your forever, forever.”

Suddenly the girl forgot she was a princess. She forgot her castle. She forgot she wore shoes that were made of glass. She forgot the pixie dust. For the first time in her life she realized one thing, that when the midnight comes, she would never ever change to someone she was never be.  


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Life. Just like what I wanted.

Sounds so snobbish ya, saying life is just like what I wanted. But then I realized, semua itu karena emang aku enggak pengen apa-apa. Sekarang juga (ternyata) masih begitu. Dulu emang I treat my life like a blue print. Things to do piling up my list and my aims were to accomplish them. Alhamdulillah, semua tercapai. Tapi kemudian seperti ada titik tolak dalam hidup yang bikin  berhenti ingin terlalu banyak dari hidup. Entah karena merasa udah cukup banyak pencapaian pribadi baik yang bagus atau yang buruk, entah karena pernah kecewa berat sama yang namanya manusia atau karena alasan klise yang digadang-gadang semua manusia: anak.

Sekarang ini, lebih banyak menyambut apa yang datang ke dalam hidup. Termasuk, kembali ke agency lagi. Having thought that I am not some kind of 'Man in a mission' kind of person. I am just an 'I will do my best' of what comes in front of me kind of person.

Gini ceritanya.

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A few years back, social media was being fussy about working mom versus stay at home home. What a nonsense brag! Since I went through both and also had a chance of being a working-from-home mom, it is even more ridiculous for me. Only stupid have a time discussing it and to elaborate on their social media status. Whoever we are, what kind of mom we are, what matters most is how we can make our life productive and progressing. Every single day.

Different mom has different ways of being productive. Some goes to work. Some clean up and cook for the family. Some works at home by selling stuffs online or being a freelancer. Productive means to produce something. Be it money, the foods, you name them all. But the question is, is productive enough? How about having a progressing life? Not as the wife of Mr. Blabla or as the mom of kid Zubidudamdam. But us, as a person. Me, as Wury; a 38 years old woman and how far I have made progress in  my life.

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love is love. marriage is another thing.

of all the things I ever wondered, ... I think I never wonder whom my kids will be married to. or to picture myself holding grand babies. not just a not yet, I think it is simply too hard to bear and too absurd to think of. but then I promise myself. I promise I will not ever push titan and luna to get married or even if they are married; I will not ask them when to have kids.

many times I wondered that marriage is overrated. and the only reason to get married is not love, but to realise life is too hard to bear when you are all alone. because, however, marriage is a conditional love. hubby once said, marriage is not all fancy and glitter. the lowest it can get is, to keep functioning and it will survive. how both parties can be functional one to another, is another story.

to ariawan, a guy of mine,
the one who always wake me up from my princessy dreams. love you.