Monday, 31 January 2011


If the universe is a giant matrix that keeps busily clicking rearranging its numbers, i cannot hear any clicking sound at the moment. It is just so quiet. Very quiet you can even hear your own heart beat. Your own breath. The gurgling sound of your own blood running in your vein. So quiet you can even hear your heart for now she roars louder than the sea.

At first, you will be scared of this darkness. Limbo darkness. But then you will know, this is the only way you would notice a little light.

At first, you will be scared of being alone. But then you will know this is the only way you would realize that even your shadow will leave you in the dark.

At first you would feel imbalance. But then you would realize that to keep moving is the only way to keep your balance.

And when the world is shutting down, there is one little thing that keeps trying to exist even if you have unplugged the chord. It knocks your heart softly you barely feels. But it keeps knocking as if it is the only thing that wants you to be alive no matter what. 

And once you opened your door for it to get in, it is hard for you to let it go.  And it starts to give you a little warmth. Yes, only a little. But since you were all alone and frozen, a little warmth is perfect enough to save you from the longest winter. And its little wings start fluttering around you. Tickle your ear with its lovely whispers of how you are not alone.

You can't look for love. It will find you.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Takut 2

imaji seribu satu mimpi.
bayang seribu satu nyata.
dan aku berdiri diantara.