Friday, 24 September 2010


Surprise is the only thing life will surely gives you. Nice ones or bad ones. And since its a journey, sometimes the trip to the next stop takes longer And steeper than the others. No matter how hard you try go smooth, you might stumble at anytime. Just like Alice fell down the tunnel she'll never know where it is heading to.

The tunnel is dark, humid, scarry, and you would firstly try to find the button to turn the lights on but you could not found one. And you would realized that you need to move forward. You can't just wait, you need to move on because you don't know where the button is. So you slowly crawling down the tunnel and just keep going, no matter what.

You know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You believe it, with all your heart. But sometimes you just can't deny, that you are very afraid too.

” Am I gonna be just fine?"

Of course you know what the answer is. It is just you are on your lowest power to keep searching the lights. This is the time when you need someone to help you guide your way. Find you a torch, hold your hand tightly, drag you to run, hug you in the coldness and whisper in your ear that things are going to be fine. But on that phase, many times; such love gone devastated.

Come to think of it, you realized that you can't rely on someone. Even your shadow leaves you in the dark. But then you will realize that happiness is in your hands, and other people can only make you happier.

Pic was taken with my Holga cam over a scroll of black soft paper book.

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