Monday, April 12, 2010

life is in your hand

i'd just really understood the term "Life is in your hand" when i accidentally tangled with this rubik. one little flaw that needed a HUGE courage to fix it.

rubik is about a process to put things together to get what we (thought) we wanted. what we (thought) we expected. what we (thought) we had in mind ... and so is life.

many times, it is hard for us to mess up everything we have done. 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 and on. and then we become compromise of little mistake. little flaws. but if we eager to take risk to destroy everything, we might have a bigger change to be succeed. which hopefully, perfect.

if only life is not also about people around, those you love, ... i think it would be wonderful to play around with your life. checkered with trial and error, on and on until you finally found what you are looking for. and then you will die, right before you can enjoy your victory.

but that's life, i guess. it is always about other people. it is a matter of how we can steal a little chunk of the pie to enjoy ourself. pieces of crumbs that really made your day :)

namaste, life!



  1. love this lesson so much
    perfection is not impossible, as we'd love to embrace the flaw

  2. ahhhhhh ... that's even nicer, sist :)


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