Monday, November 09, 2009

a little hi to my dream

someday, on April 30th 2009, at 02:38

once i was told about dream.
once i was told about aim.
once i was told about life.
once i was told about reality.

now i am facing them all.
turning my dream in to real aims in life.

when did i have the excited feeling of pulling my whole energy to reach my dream?
when did i last feel my heart beating fast, ... knowing of my dream is coming?
when did i feel my cheeks blush like a strawberry when i see ... hope?
when did i cried so hard, realising my dream has passed me by without a word.
when did i see it joyfuly alive?
when did it sing me a lullabye beneath the starry night?
when did it last wake me up with a gentle kiss?

it is dying. choked by realities.
and i'm kneeling down in devotion.

and with its last breath, it smiles at me.

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