Tuesday, August 04, 2009

karma (editted)

after those couple cups of poisons
nicely served upon your face
now it is much easier for you
to spit what you almost chew

i wish you were dead
i wish you were dead
i wish you once again
were dead

so i could meet you
in here
let me show you

it is our next life
and you would lick my wound
and you would wipe the dirt on the top of my corpse
which no longer but a mere mortal
and you would kiss me with your rottened lips
that would taste sweeter like never

and i would hug you with my broken wings
lull you with an eerie fairy song
and i would cut my hand with the sharpest tongue
to fulfill your crave of flesh and blood
until i'm running out of my light

i wish you were dead.

like me.

and we would happily dance together
under the sky of grieve
and a sparkling tear drops

you and me.

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