Monday, 30 March 2009

Take My Hand

Yes, we are crossing the road my dearest secret love.
Indeed the day is so busy. They’re busy looking at us, maybe. Can’t you see that?
They’re jealous. Never mind them.

Yes, take my hand my dearest secret love.
Take them and hold them tight, and never let me go.
Let them know,
… yes I want them to know.

Run, run my dearest secret love.
Run as fast as you can!
Just like I ran from reality, just like you ran away from your feelings for me.

Yes, take my hand my dearest secret love.
Take and hold them tight, and never ever let me go.

(30.03.09 / 16.42)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I last laughed out loud in this office.
going through all deadlines,
all hatreds,
all well-jealous thingy,
all disappointment s and those promises,
all stupidities,
all targets, all cuts by a million buts,
all those moronic people,
all those ego.

This morning, I had just asked myself. I like this industry, but do I love what I am doing?
Well, .. these are some of the things that make me hanging here. Still.
I love you guys!


Thursday, 19 March 2009


what makes it wonderful when you have crushed on someone?


when everything is so unclear.
when you have so many things to ponder.
when you cowardly look at his eyes.
when you feel there is something with him but you do not know and too afraid to ask.
when bumping into his eyes makes your cheek flushes like strawberry ... so delightful to be kissed.
when you imagine his soft, marshmellowy lips touch yours.
when you imagine you are crossing the road in Paris, hand in hand in a summer rain.
when you just don't know what to do.
when you just want the whole world to know but you can not tell.
when your heart is pounding hard, and you do not know wether it is happy or worry.
when you suddenly become creative making pick up lines.
when a 'hi' hears like a pope's sermon
when you just pretend not to hear his voice, and try not to look at where the voice comes from.

when everything is so beautifuly captured in your mind.

and when you know that he loves you to,
slowly everything will be back to normal.
and you just keep looking and asking where the love has gone.


(19.03.09 / 19.30)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

i miss again

as the rain starts falling
to the ground
time and time
as i sit on the bench
here with the wind, with the sky
with the spring, with the autumn
with love season, never spoken
with a word, without a sound

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

it's been a while

it's been a while since we left our dreams

that is now like scattered pearls

and we slipped away

as the time passes by

"Don't leave me" I say

"Why don't you try to catch me, this time? it says.