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Showing posts from February, 2009

Just another day

Woke up from the King Koil land, and a fluffy Romance comforter.

I took a gasp of free unbranded air. Touched the moist morning dew with no price and watched the green velvety grass through the magnificent pixels of my eyes.

A drop of Dove and a pail of fresh water, just a perfect combination to sweep my sleepy eyes away. A swipe of ROC on my cheek, and a Body Shop comb softly touch my hair. A sprinkle of baby powder and a perfect smear of the Mennen Lady Speed Stick deo. And an Estee Lauder Pleasure, squirted on my neck.

Such a day-booster. *Finger crossings.

A miss sixty brown turtle neck matched with an A-line unbranded jeans skirt. Last, a pink hooded jacket warmth me up from this never ending summer rain.

A Jesselyn loaf bread. With a spread of Elle & Vire 75% trim fat butter and colorful chocolate sprinkle. A strawberry jam with a glass of low-fat Ultra Milk. A package of nutrition to start my day.

I surely hope so.

On my lunch box: rice, Indonesian steak, mixed veggies and …