Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Just another day

Woke up from the King Koil land, and a fluffy Romance comforter.

I took a gasp of free unbranded air. Touched the moist morning dew with no price and watched the green velvety grass through the magnificent pixels of my eyes.

A drop of Dove and a pail of fresh water, just a perfect combination to sweep my sleepy eyes away. A swipe of ROC on my cheek, and a Body Shop comb softly touch my hair. A sprinkle of baby powder and a perfect smear of the Mennen Lady Speed Stick deo. And an Estee Lauder Pleasure, squirted on my neck.

Such a day-booster. *Finger crossings.

A miss sixty brown turtle neck matched with an A-line unbranded jeans skirt. Last, a pink hooded jacket warmth me up from this never ending summer rain.

A Jesselyn loaf bread. With a spread of Elle & Vire 75% trim fat butter and colorful chocolate sprinkle. A strawberry jam with a glass of low-fat Ultra Milk. A package of nutrition to start my day.

I surely hope so.

On my lunch box: rice, Indonesian steak, mixed veggies and two cubes of a fried bean curd.

And off me go. Bubble my Titan a good bye through my Honda City.

Once arrived, need to get to my Niaga ATM. Pay some Citibank and Telkomsel bills.

There I was. Watching the ads on some kind of branded (but I forgot what it is) TV panel while waiting the elevator to stop by. 6th floor.

My another phase of life.

And here I am, staring at the Pandora Box called monitor. An HP. Opening Yahoo messenger, Facebook, Multiply, Google, Dictionary.com and Outlook Express application. Getting autistic with the Sennheiser headphone.

Chit and chat.
This and that.

Waiting the time goes by. Till I’m back to my King Koil land. And let the other day begins.


Lowe, Feb 3rd 2009