Friday, 13 October 2017

Let's cut the crap from the question of Which Mom Are You?

A few years back, social media was being fussy about working mom versus stay at home home. What a nonsense brag! Since I went through both and also had a chance of being a working-from-home mom, it is even more ridiculous for me. Only stupid have a time discussing it and to elaborate on their social media status. Whoever we are, what kind of mom we are, what matters most is how we can make our life productive and progressing. Every single day.

Different mom has different ways of being productive. Some goes to work. Some clean up and cook for the family. Some works at home by selling stuffs online or being a freelancer. Productive means to produce something. Be it money, the foods, you name them all. But the question is, is productive enough? How about having a progressing life? Not as the wife of Mr. Blabla or as the mom of kid Zubidudamdam. But us, as a person. Me, as Wury; a 38 years old woman and how far I have made progress in  my life.

BUT. Let alone of being progressive, ... are we even productive?

This question stroke me a few weeks ago, when my preschooler rejected to school and said that she wants to be at home. "Like Bunda (mom) who is having endless holiday. I am not going to school"
I was sooo broken hearted. But then I learnt that her words should be a motor for me to keep moving. Ever since, I cook more. I bake more. I craft more and ... I learn more.

Being productive and progressing doesn't mean we need to do it all at the same time. We can start by being productive, and when we are tired, we can try to be more progressive by sharpening our soft skills. We can learn new things, meet new people for broader perspective or meet old friends for venting out. Or, we can register an online course.

There are so many online courses that is held by reputable universities in the whole wide world. I have tried some courses in Coursera and now I am taking one in EDX. Most courses are 10 weeks long and we can pursue the achievement certification or we can convert it to 1 semester credit (depends on the university). To me, EDX is more interesting because it is more interactive and the videos are not only from the scholars but also from the point of view of people, real managers and experts.  I am sure there are lots of more courses or activities we can choose for self-feed and you can share them to me.

From time to time; we, women, need to be able to empower ourself and I wish us good luck.