Saturday, January 02, 2016


I had a cheeky life in 2015, and I thank God for that.
Not really peachy, but even if there was hassles; I think I have forgotten all the problems that occurred and managed to get by anyway.

However, the cheeky life can be highlighted in some points:

2015 was the year of finding jewels in high school. 
I met my extracurricular friends and did a reunion. It was funny to have the love story among us finally revealed. great. The reunion went warm and sweet and full of laughter as we came with our kids and acted out like we were still in high school.

Life also happened to let me find my besties, also from high school, back in to a whatsapp group. It happened to be a support system for us. One is a lawyer, one is a fashion designer and a beauty editor, one is an ex banker and is now having her own cakery, one is an odapus volunteer and, ... me. It was great to have so many different point of views when discuss one particular problem. And I realised it once again, that every one is facing a battle we do not know. That my life is much much much luckier than anybody else.


2015 was the year of holiday. 
Our family had three holidays this year and we managed to take Nini and Aki to two of the journeys. Not a luxurious holiday; but they were enough. Enough to make us happy and recharged.

2015 was the year of trying things I never had before. 
Never came up my mind to watch korean dramas or watch the Twilight saga. I felt ridiculous, but it was not bad afterall. Still downloading more dramas up to this day hahaha.

2015 was the year grieving.
When Luna was about two years old, she starts having undefined fever like... almost every month. Despite of all the good things happened, half of 2015 was spent for being worry as well. We went for doctor hopping and hopefully, gladly, we have found the best one for now.

Malicca lost his eyang too. It was one of the saddest moment in his life that I realized he is such an introvert and sensitive kid.

All in all, 2015 was so humble and content. I think it is good for me to keep the three points for 2016. And to add with: be more productive.

Happy new year, everyone!

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