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Never I thought a trust that should be applied to children going to be this big. Not only trust in what they tell us, but more of how we can trust them on things they do not know as well. To believe in the options they make in life. To believe how their body heals and how their emotion to cope things. To believe they will survive with their potentials.

For example, when luna got sick. Many times, I did not believe in her body. To me, lab result is the ultimate thing I can count on. Simply because it is visible and accountable. I ignored how she managed to stay cheerful during high fever; that indicated she was actually doing fine and I did not need to worry much.

And I have learnt that trusting our children is damn hard. Specially in their early years before they reach teenage years. Because somehow, a mother just have that kind of hunch about their kids. The good hunch, and the bad one.

What makes it hard for me to trust them is; when I realize that they might not grow to be someone …


Titan flu.
Karena takut tetiba sesak, jadi bobo sama Titan di atas.
Lalu aku pun flu.
Dan aku bermain dengan Luna.
Dan Luna pun flu.
Demi menjaga virus berada pada tempatnya, kami bertiga tidur di atas meninggalkan bubu yang bobo sendirian di bawah. Berhari-hari lamanya.

Bubu kangen Luna. Udah enggak bobo bareng lama banget rasanya.
Pulang kantor bubu cium-cium Luna.
Becanda, ketawa-ketawa.
Enggak lama, Bubu pun bersin-bersin.
Bubu pasang masker.
Bubu flu.

Kita udah mau sembuh dan Bubu flu.
Mencoba sebisa mungkin supaya virus tidak berputar kembali ke siklus awal.
Kita bobo di atas, bubu bobo di bawah.

Sembuh ah semuaaa ... sehat sehat sehat!