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The hardest part

Ngerasain sakitnya kontraksi 26 jam, checked.
Ngerasain dikhianatin, checked.
Ngerasain ditinggalin, checked.
Ngerasain dibohongin anak sendiri, trust me it hurtssss! (walaupun cuma soal kecil), checked.

Satu momen yang paling susah buat saya, dan mungkin juga para ibu lainnya, adalah memberitakan sebuah kematian pada anak. Apalagi kalau yang meninggal itu tak lain adalah keluarga dekat.

Eyangnya Titan memang sudah agak lama dirawat di rumah sakit. Kita sempat menjenguk beberapa kali. Salah satunya hari kamis itu. Sebuah telfon memberitakan keadaan kritis eyang. Air mata langsung menetes sambil bergumam "Yah, bapak...."

Ternyata, aku kalau lagi panik begitu benar-benar enggak bisa mikir. Totally blank. Segera menelfon taksi dan ke sekolah untuk jemput Titan. Sampai di ruang administrasi pun mata masih basah dan mulut masih terbata-bata memberitakan "Mau jemput Malicca, 2/3 B, family issue. Eyangnya koma."
Petugas administrasi pun langsung berubah air mukanya. Langs…

The terrible two

La Luna is two years and four months now. Day by day, I am starting to realize how drama queen she has become. Sometimes I got easily ticked off. Sometimes, I pretend being a deaf when she tantrums. Here are some lists.

"The world revolves around me"
This is the first drama of all. When she talks, she will not allow you look at other spot. She would just pull off your jaw so you can see her in the eye. And watch she talks, sings or do something.

"If I am upset, I will make sure your life is miserable too."
She cried and cried and will not let you do your things. She will try harder to make you upset too. Like screaming while stepping on your toe, or throw your things to the trash bin, everything but a peaceful you.

"Everything needs to be done, my way. "
If you get wrong doing it, she would ask you to do it again.
Or, a tantrum.

"If I don't get what I want, so does everyone else. "
She is not getting an ice cream because she is having fever.…
"Jadi orang tua itu, harus mau repot lho!" -Dr. Waldi, Spa-

His Facebook status today. Of course, with a story behind it.  The story of a parent who gave their son homeopathy sedative, because they think their son is hyperactive. Dr. Waldi thinks that the child have so much energy and his parents need to channel it instead of giving him sedatives. 
Jleb moment for me. 
I am too lazy to take Luna for a walk, everyday.  I am too lazy to take her bounce a ball or ride a tricycle, every afternoon. I prefer her to squeeze playdough and paint, everyday. And so I can watch her under aircon, and so I could peep my mobile, and so I could play the music on, and so I don't need to make nonsense conversations with the neighbour. 
Oh, two years and I haven't been a better parent.

Maaf ya Titan, La Luna, bunda janji akan jadi lebih baik.
Dan lebih sabar.
Bear with me.

The life itself is a magnet, son.

You may not remember this day. May I may too, that is why I choose to write it down for you.
Today, we had a chat on a very early breakfast. 6 am to be exact. So early because you are going for a field trip for your multicultural event.

I told you a story about our neighbour, and elderly grumpy grandpa. I saw him busy trying to hurt a cat with a bamboo. The bamboo got stuck on the bush, instead, he got distracted and tried to get his bamboo back. The cat ran away. As fast as he can.

You laughed hard and you said this.
"You ever told me that when you start your day with whirlwind, you will be upset for the rest of the day. Is it what is going to happen with that grandpa next door?"

"Maybe. I don't know. But yes, I believe that the life itself is magnet. This may not be scientific but I believe it is how our mind works. Your brain grows according to your mind. The nerves get connected one to another. When you think of good things, the good neurons will grow and connec…