Friday, August 07, 2015

Forgetting this, forgetting that. breaking this and breaking that.

A little note:
Need to set up a good example. So from this moment, since my kid starts reading my blog too, I need to write with the correct spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.

So help me God.

Up to this moment, I am still observing what kind of type my kids are. Those who tend to avoid risks or those who has oriented with benefits. Surely two of the types need different approaches.
But along the way, my children easily swifts from one to another. So I got confused in giving the right approach and I became inconsistent. That happens quite often.

So, to us, while I am conveying myself what types my kids are, logical consequences still applies the best for them. There are always consequences behind our every actions.

What is bothering me a lot these days are how careless Titan is. I wonder why I did not notice this back then. Well, maybe I had always thought he is a little boy and I needed to remind him over and over. But now he is eight and he is physically looks pretty big on my eyes, reminding him over and over and he kept forgetting what I said is no longer funny. Not funny at all. It is like you kept saying the same thing to an alien. And the big questions arose: Until when? What if I die and nobody remind him anymore? Well, then I must make action.

Our family needs 1 kilogram of eggs every week. Many times, I ask Titan to buy at the nearest warung if we ran out the eggs out of my grocery schedule. About fourteen eggs in every kilograms, and he came back with only eight or ten. The rests have broken into pieces and so I need to wash all the eggs and keep them in the sun e few hours to dry up. It always happen and I kept asking him and no progress.
So what I did was, I talk to him. For every egg he breaks it is equal with the amount of the day when he cannot eat it. And he was the king of egg. For his french toast, for his scramble, for his telur dadar kornet. No naggings. I just tell him.

His iPod. The first generation of iPod touch and I gave it as his first birthday. He always left it somewhere, for it has gone for like ... four years and we managed to find it again. One night he left it at nini's house and went straight to sleep. I woke him up and tell him to get his iPod. I put it in the drawer and lock it and said he cannot use it for a month. No naggings. I just tell him.

His bike. He always put it wherever he likes and blocking other cars. What I did was, I called him to clean it and put it on the garage. Put a padlock and said he cannot use it for a week. No naggings. I just tell him.

His meal. He often ask for more menus I cook and left it unfinished. What I did was, He need to prepare his own meal for a week. No naggings. I just tell him.

The conclusion about careless kid is, that they need to be responsible of what they have done. And, parents need to be consistent and so they trust us. I know it is hard. Big time.

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