Friday, July 31, 2015

it was gonna be like ... who's turn?

i remember a friend posted a question "isn't going to a carwash supposedly become a duty of a husband?" with a pin pointed on a famous carwash in the south of jakarta.

who would have thought, within a few months it is now her husband's job to remember everything about running the house. i mean like ... every single thing. from the checking out the groceries what's in or out of stock, kid's tuition, staff's needs and salaries, pay all the bills within their due dates to the very small thing like remember when to buy the face powder for his wife. because now the wife is sick and cannot run the house for quite some times.

how many times, we; the housewife, think that we have done much compare to our husband.
how many times, we; the housewife, think that we deserve lesser job lists and more rest (read: more me time) compare to our husband.

these days the jobs of a wife and a husband has become overlapping. i have a friend who has become a housedad and let his wife become the bread winner. i see them running it smoothly. the wife climbs the corporate ladder in no time and the husband can always finds new ideas to get their son have a shower. drop and pick him to school and have a chat with other parents at school. cut his nails, wrap his books, cook his foods, basically what a wife do it is just he is a husband.

just like a show, the house needs to run no matter what. why don't we stop asking who's gonna do this and who's gonna do that and separate jobs from his and hers?  it is so yesterday. now is, who got the time to do them then just do. we started this family, we are in this together.

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