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the power of waiting

hello, it is been a while.
well, big boy is having a long holiday and little girl has been exercising her little steps. hence, cellphone is away most of the times and laptop has been occupied for the past week. yes, that would include night time; the time slot I used to blog.

so, what's new?

la luna is 11 and 2 weeks already. yesterday, june 26th 2014 was her official day of the ability to walk herself. started with four or five little steps and she gets scared sometimes, but i am sure she will walk independently real soon.

while mum, is officially having her back-ache back. maybe 6 years is a tad long for having a second child. I completely forget every phases of child development and body needs longer time to adjust. yet the joints start clanking and energy has lessen.

yes, in other words: i am aging. 

hitting her first year in a few weeks, there has been a significant emotional leap with la luna. she screams and nags more often than she used to. it is like she is showing the world that there are two queens in the house and she gotta be the number one. ow, chill baby chill. you can be the queen even the mightiest queen, but i - am - your - boss *thunder striking*

while practising her walk, she often finger-points to direct where we should go. but many times, i also have another direction to go just to turn off the lights or get some drink, then comes the conflict: where should we go then?

when it happens, i usually tell her to go with me first and we can go anywhere she likes after. but as predicted she would throw tantrums. so i let myself go off her grip and tell she can go there herself and i will catch her up soon. or, if she wants, she could wait for me. i said i would only take a while and i would be back.

of course, she would cry to see me leaving her. but i hope she will get my point someday: that people have other things to do and she is not the centre of the universe that everyone must evolve around her all the time. and also i hope she would learn that waiting for a moment would not hurt at all. 

i said about my laptop has been occupied. did i say it was all about minecraft? hahaha. well yes, for the past year titan has been focussing in two things: titanic and minecraft. i don't mind with the first one, but minecraft was a bit draggy for me because it brought so many problems.

titan knew the game from his cousin, dinda, who is now 12 years old. ariawan downloaded it the first time on his tab, with a demo version. but then problem came along: titan could not get his eyes off the tab the whole weekend, forgetting his meal and shower,  then ariawan erased it off. people are disappointed.

having another style of parenting, dinda's parent bought her a tab that of course has a minecraft apps. at first, titan was so patient looking at dinda building things but then he lost his patient and came another problem : cousins fight.

me and ariawan stayed to our decision, that no matter what happens there will be no minecraft in the house. but then big boy got another solution for his minecraft cravings: he asked his uwak to install minecraft on his computer. so dinda can play on her tab and he can play on uwak's computer. the world was peaceful for a while. of course, because my lovely satellite was missing for hours and days. his eyes were tuned on a computer i could not supervise, because he played it on his uwak's computer at nini's house.

one day, i checked out uwak's computer just to find out what had been going with the minecraft thingy. well, titan built so many amazing things; actually. but my worries came to life, i found that the computer was not protected and was not prepared to share with the kids. so i tell titan not to play again with other people's computer and i promise i will buy him the licensed minecraft so he can go online and build a proper minecraft city with other friends. he looked happy and asked me:
of course, i said "later. but not now". 
"when is later?" he pushed. 
"on june, while you are having a long holiday. but with agreements." 
"like always ya, Bunda."
"like always."
"what are those?"
"there is a time for everything. when is for playing minecraft, when is to have your meals, when is to take shower, and to balance your eyes that has would be tortured; you have to eat veggies and fruits. to balance your right brain in making buildings, you would also have to do the worksheets i will give you be it math or english. in school days, mineraft is only available of weekend; 6 hours a day."
he took a deep breath and said nothing for a while. but then he answered "ok, bismillah. i hope i can do all of those."
"remember, it will only take a little click to uninstall your imaginary world"
"iyaaaaa ... jangan dong!" 

 *hand shake* 

preparing this minecraft thingy was a bit of production. i asked a lot to my friends who are real gamers, because, honestly; i am not a gamer at all. but then the best advice came from titan's other cousin who lives in adelaide: anindya, she is 10 years old and has been playing minecraft for years even for school project. thanks to her, now we got a family-friendly server that has complicated forms just to make sure my son will behave nicely and are waiting for its joining approval (good god, what took them so long to approve us?!) and to add with, i also have my personal minecraft pro handy to catch-up with today's world. 

on june 23rd 2014, after a long waiting phase, titan finally got his own licensed minecraft. his eyes widened when he saw me typed the credit card number on that was ... on sale! *lol, mom will always be mom*  and he screamed as the download done. i promised him that i would learn to play it too as a gratitude for him for putting his top-notch-patient on the highest level. 

i hope someday you will learn that good things comes for those who wait. and i hope you will also respect my effort to learn new things of your generation's.


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