Monday, May 05, 2014

A normal day

Often I was thinking what kind of day that I have that day. Funny, what-kind-of-day question comes as I was doing the chores. Hands busy doing things, mind wandered all way around.

So, what is normal? Normal is just a term of my kinda day, that doesn't come everyday. Let me define what a normal day means to me.

Normal is when I woke up and found La Luna woke up with smile. Means that she won't get cranky anytime soon.

Normal is when I tug Malicca to the bathroom and he sings happily. Had his breakfast without fussy and off to school before 8 AM.

Normal is sending La Luna to her Aki to have her morning jog. So I will have time to clean up the house, put everything-the-baby-would-not-mind-to-chew into the crockery pot and have a little time to pamper myself under the shower. As La Luna gets back from her jogging, then it is her turn to have a shower and the morning nap. Me? Happily nurse her as I join the lullaby and have a slight nap too. Sometimes, I also do the laundry during the baby's nap time.

When I have a normal morning; I usually have the normal day along. Just like today. Everything is on their place even though there were not really their place. But it is okay. At least, I feel it is okay.

Happy mommy happy family is very true, moms are like a stove that cook the family pan; I guess. And looking at the statement I have just made above, 5 months in charge of mommyduty has already made me get fully domesticated *LOL*

have a great monday and greater days ahead, peops!

My kind of normal mess

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